Monday, June 13, 2011

Opi-Don't Toy With Me.

Good Morning. Once again, my middle finger nail broke. It may bother you i didn't level all the nails, if that is the case, i apologize. But i'm not the one who chops off the rest of them if only one is short.
Polish related now:  Zoya "Sarah" is not longer my favourite fuchsia red, is this now. This one is way more beautiful. It looks like glass, candy caramel; the hue is so saturated with color and the glimmer sparkles from within the jelly-ish formula, an under-water effect, which i love.

Este es mi nuevo rojo-fucxia preferido, ya no es Zoya "Sarah". Este es aun mas bello y cargado. El aspecto vidrioso y caramelizado es demasiado hermoso.

わたしには  この マニキューア は  Zoya ゛サラ゛より きれいです。

Questo é il rosso fucsia che preferisco, non piu' Zoya "Sarah". Il colore é ancora piu' carico e brilla molto di piu', penso perché Sarah é a base semi-metallica, mentre questo é un po' jelly permettendo una maggiore luminosita' dei glitterini.


  1. Oh! Wow! So awesome!!!
    Love this color!!!

  2. Hi. I hope you can see it in person soon, is truly beautiful.