Monday, May 30, 2011

My Polish Arsenal

Here they are!, all the polishes i currently own and wear, of course.
I don't know the quantity, but never mind about it because the total keeps on increasing constantly (there are ten coming to me this week, i hope).
I think the predominant color is red, wouldn't be a surprise due to how much i like red, but i think that purple, if is not the most abundant one, is pretty close to be.
What i know for sure is that i only have two taupes and one yellow (neon, of course) and one orange (neon too). But i will provide to this lacking, i might be willing to buy another taupe and gotta find out if there is a yellow that compliments cool skin tones and the brightest neon orange, i believe is the only way for me to wear orange.
I'm getting interested in peach colors and soft corals ala Essie Van Dgo, it will be part of my arsenal soon.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dark Purple With Accent Nail.

I like a lot "accent nails". This mani was done with Essie "Funky Limelight" a super bright neon yellow and a LE Catrice polish: super pigmented dark purple with blue and hot pink sparkles. I just wished the sparkles were more visible.

Me gusta mucho dar un toquecito especial a la manicure añadiendo una uña en otro color. Aqui use Essie "Funky Limelight" un amarillo neon y un morado obscuro con brillitos azules y rosados encendidos de la marca "Catrice", este ultimo es edicion limitada.

"Catrice" は ドイツの ブランド です。この むらさきは ピンク グリッダーが あります。

Quel tocco in piu' con un'unghia contrastante. A me piacciono tanto. Qui ho usato un giallo neon di Essie e il viola scuro con brillini blu e rosa acceso é di Catrice, purtroppo é un'edizione limitata.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Essence- Speed Of Light Blue

One of my favorite colors: light blue. This one is a very light baby blue with a bluish hidden shimmer. What is the purpose of a shimmer if is, well, hidden? maybe help with the overall effect of the finish or make the polish more appealing when you see the this case i don't care, i got a backup bottle because i like so much the color and a 5 ml bottle is too little.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zoya- Karina

"Karina" is similar to "Sarah", but Sarah has more fuchsia tones to it.
Is a pity that Karina doesn't have the metallic finish as the Sparkle collection from 2010.
Nonetheless is a super pretty ruby red to me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Zoya- Charla

A very well known and loved polish: Charla. But a few more pictures don't hurt, right?.
Zoya got it right when describing the finish as "sparkly metallic", truly sums it up pretty well.

Un bien conocido y apreciado esmalte: Charla. Unas quantas fotos mas no caen mal entonces!
La descripcion de Zoya sobre el acabado es perfecta: metàlico y centelleante.

Questo smalto di Zoya é conosciutissimo ed amatissimo. Secondo me ci hanno azzecato alla perfezione al describire l'effetto finale come " metallico glitterato".

Bien sure vous le connaissez dejà: Charla. Mais cet vernis est tres jolie et pailleté, donc, quelques photos en plus sont pas mal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Santee- Beach Blue

A super creamy texture for this beautiful teal. My pictures are way too blue, the color is more like the square above, i took dozens of pictures but no one came color similar.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Essie- Silken Cord

To me this is a coral, with a nice balance of both warm and cool tones. Excellent formula with extreme glossiness. Great for summer even if it belongs to a winter collection.

A mis ojos resulta color coral. Buen equilibrio entre tonos calidos y frios. Buena formula y gran brillo.

 あかるい あか ですね。 とても  シャイニー  です。

Secondo me é un color corallo. Ben billanciato nei toni caldi e freddi. Stesura fantastica ed una brillantezza suprema.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Polish Related...

Good morning. While i was sick i had very little hungriness. While yesterday i had a big sweet craving.
I wanted something sweet, voluptuous, creamy, crunchy, in short terms: contrasting textures when chewing.
I wanted a crumble, a strawberry crumble, but there wasn't anything to do it but flour and butter.
Then i remembered the bar of extra dark, unsweetened chocolate in my cupboard, the nuts, the sugar and i made some brownies.
These are so easy to do, i don't add baking powder and i always lower the quantity of flour, because i love my brownies to be extra buttery, extra creamy in the inside.
Since Supermarkets have plenty of strawberries these days, i need to go, pick some and prepare a melt in mouth/crispy crumble.
I know this blog is about nail polish, but we all have different interests besides polishing nails. I love cooking, learn about the Universe,decorate with Swarovsky flatbacks ( a very expensive hobby, sadly) among others, so from time to time i'll be posting this kind of not polish related parenthesis.

Monday, May 2, 2011

China Glaze-Boogie

Since it's raining, i opted for a polish that does not need plenty of light to be appreciated.
"Boogie" is somehow a faded color with a silvery cast to it, very cool in my opinion.
Could be the color is a washed out mauve with purple tones, i also see copper shimmer in it.
I think is an elegant color with an elegant finish too.