Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Marion- Royal Red

This brand is from my country, i love the vintage style of the bottle. Is brighter irl, something remarkable for a jelly polish. Is one of the purest red i've ever seen, really is very vivacious  and crisp looking. I love it. Aren't cherry flowers full of beauty?

これは わたしの 国の ブランド です。おはなみ、桜は とても きれいな 花 ですね。

Este marca es de mi pais, me gusta mucho el estilo vintage del frasco. Es uno de los rojos mas vivos y brillantes que haya visto, aunque mis fotos lo anublan un poco. Me encanta tanto como estas preciosas flores de cerezo.

Questa marca é del mio paese, la bottiglietta ha questo disegno vintage che mi piace tanto. E' un rosso molto vivace e puro, dal vivo piu' che come mostrano le foto.

Cet vernis a ongles est de mon pays. La petite bouteille a un aspect vintage, pour mois trés chic. Cet rouge est bien vif et brillant.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Milani "Purple Gleam"

Man this polish rocks!, It has black glitter adding tons of depth and dimension, helping the purple-magenta glitters to shine even better. 2 coats of smooth surface due to 2 coats of non-fast-drying top coat and 1 coat of  Seche Vite.
Well done Milani!, now i want a burgundy, an emerald green and a dark blue one please..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want NFU-OH 61? Come and See.

Well you can have a chance to win one and more pretties entering my giveaway.

3 coats of Zoya "Carrie Ann", which has a very heavy shimmery finish, not like their sparkle finish which has, in fact, a phenomenal sparkly metallic appereance. I did some accent nails with Milani's "Fx gold".

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Essie "Masquerade Belle" and Giveaway.

Finally i managed to use my camera to take these pictures, prior i was using my iphone. I really didn't breath while taking the pictures...Well onto the polish: Essie says it is a "blackened ruby" and i was drooling, of course, but to me is reddish brown. I prefer a lot more my beloved "Bordeaux" also by Esssie, that polish is amazing.

 この しゃしんは わたし のカメラで とりました。わたしには カメラは 難 しい です から I-phoneで 撮ります。はじめて カメラは いいです。Essie "マスケラド ベール" とても きれい です、でも  Essie "ボルード"の ほうが すき ですよ。

Finalmente pude sacar fotos con mi camera, antes las hacia con el iphone...Ni respire mientras las tomaba...Bueno, este esmalte de Essie es muy lindo, pensaba que seria un rojo bien obscuro, en vez lo veo mas como marron rojizo, prefiero enormemente mi "Bordeaux" tambien de Essie. 

Caspita, c'é l'ho fatta a prendere le foto con la mia camera, prima le scattavo con l'iphone...manco respiravo mentre le facevo...Andiamo al dunque: questo smalto di Essie mi piace, ma non é cosi rosso come mi aspettavo, direi che é piu un marrone rossiccio. Preferisco di gran lunga "Bordeaux" pure di Essie. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zoya Summer 2011 Is Coming Soooon!!!

Good morning!, i am so excited...Zoya is twitting news about their upcoming collections, the names to be more precised.They will launch 3 new collections for this summer, and i'm so excited because Zoya has won my heart completelly thanks to Sarah,Karina,Crystal and Valerie.
The names that have been revealed are: Sooki,Tamsen,Kieko,Areej,Mira and Breezi(these are part of "the summertime collection"). The others names known until now are:Kimmy,Tanzy and Faye. The polishes i hope to be utterly beautiful are Kieko and Tamsen:these names appeal to me a lot!
I do hope too, the others to be super great.
Remember my desperate giveaway here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Desperate Giveaway and NOTD


This is China Glaze "Cheers to you", i added a few holographic square glitters on ring's nail.

Remember "My desperate giveaway".

Friday, March 11, 2011


わたしの 日本の ともだちに : 頑張ってください。

En caso de que la onda anomala golpee a mis hermanos latinoamericanos: fuerza y esperanza. Gracias a Dios mi pais esta al seguro.
To my American friends, if you'll be in trouble due to tsunami: be strong and have hope.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Enter my desperate Giveaway.

Good morning. I'm honest about these polishes, they're all been used only once. i don't like them as much to keep them, i tried to swap and sell them, but i want them out of my stash asap.
The lipstick is swatched too, but is a little too warm for my skin.
I'm getting new polishes soon, and i need the space they're in.
You'll get: zoya Edyta, Nfu-oh 61, color club Pure Energy, essie Jaguare/Midnight Cami, orly Space Cadet, china glaze Spontaneous and MUFE 21.

Subscribers only, deadline to enter: 31 March 2011.

ここに プレゼントが あります。
ここに メール と お 名前を かいて ください。

Buenos dias. Si eres mi subscriptor puedes ganar estos esmaltes, usados solo una vez.
Es que quiero liberar espacio en mi coleccion. Espero que sean de tu agrado. Animate y participa.
Deja un mensaje aqui abajo y buena suerte.
Tienes tiempo hasta el 31 de Marzo 2011.

Buon giorno. Se sei un mio seguitore, puoi avere l'opportunita di vincere questi smalti, sono stati usati una volta sola, voglio liberare spazio nel mio cassettone...mi auguro che siano di vostro piacimento. Lasciate un commento qui sotto, avete tempo fino al 31 marzo 2011.

Bonjour. Voilà mon petit concour. Les vernis ont été tester seulement une fois.
Si vous me suivre sur cet blog, laisser un commentaire dessus. Bonne chance.
Vous avez temp jusqu'a le 31 mars 2011.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ali's Big Break.

Good afternoon. Today i show you this super pretty cherry red. I thought it was going to be very similar to Opi's "Dear Santa", but it's not. Ali's big break is more opaque and less glittery; well glittery is not the exact definition, is more like a fine, very reflective glass particle, and is pink, whereas Dear santa's are gold. Is very "yummie", looks like caramelized cherries.