Friday, December 24, 2010

Hard Jelly- My Favorite!

Good evening! this post is about my favorite nail polish finish: Hard Jelly.

An oxymore i choosed to describe myself polishes that have the characteristic i love the most in polish besides color, obvious...

A hard jelly to me is the polish that whereas having a BOLD color payoff, has a translucency to it, a glossy finish and a gooey texture.

I loooooove this finish, is my favorite of all, the second one is the "Sparkle", hello Zoya.
Examples of hard jellies are: Essence "The world's coolest" (shown above), Essence "Fatal", Essie "Bordeaux", Essie "Limited Adiction", Catrice Glamourama "Glamourista", Zoya "Stacy", NFU OH "569", Miss Marion "Royal Red".

I don't consider Opi "Vodka and Caviar" as a hard jelly, because it doesn't have a bold color payoff, and odd enough my favorite polish to date (maybe forever, who knows?) is not a hard jelly: China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"; it is a glitter finish not even the "sparkle" one.

I'm waiting for my minis from "The winter collection" by Essie, i think some of them are hard jellies too, it seems that in my stash Essie is the queen of hard jellies.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crystal and Giveaway

I have serious light lacking in my least i spark a bit my enviromment with Zoya Crystal, love it!, this one will rock even more on my future longer nails. Remember my giveaway here.

この きせつは すこし ひかりが あります から、きれいな 写真 を とりません。 あおいと 金
グーリッタ マニキュア。 ここに プレゼントが あります。

No llega luz solar a mi casa, y la calidad de las fotos lo delata...pero este esmalte es una maravilla de luz y brillo, me encanta el grandioso contraste entre el dorado y el azul glacial. Recuerden el concurso aqui.

Niente sole dalle mie parti, mi é difficile fotografare bene i colori...comunque questo smalto mi piace cosi tanto, brillantissimo e glaciale, l'oro spicca davvero. Ricordate il concorsino qui.

Rien du soleil chez moi...mais Zoya Crystal c'est une merveille de vernis: scintellant et tres joli.
Rappelez-vous ici de mon petit concours.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giveaway 2-Paradoxal

Oh yes, i broke some nails and i'm pretty down because of this: i'm not myself without my long nails...anyway they'll grow again...asap!!!

Oh yes giveaway time!, many thanks for your support even when i was not blogging; i've got subscribers even during that period, THANKS!!
Yesterday i was doing some shopping, and i found this polish: a paradoxal wannabe!
i grabbed one for me and one for you, who'll be the lucky one?

Along with the wannabe, there are a gorgeous mauvish-lilac foil by Essence from the latest collection "Fairytale" and 2 purple eyeshadows know i like to combine polish and makeup.
my first contest was open to everybody even visitors, but this time is only for you subscribers.
Worldwide open, of course.
Leave a comment down here, runs till January 2, 2011.

P.S. I apologize for the bad lightning i'll have for my upcoming pictures, but where i live, for 2 months and a half more or less there is no sun...i miss my country.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have many new gorgeous colors to do my nails with, but i cannot resist a red, and this is a vampy too! jelly-ish finish, good at 2 coats with great shine, but i always put top coat on.

Tengo muchos nuevos esmaltes que utilizar, pero para mi es tan dificil resistir al rojo, y este que es bien obscuro, con acabado algo gelatinoso que me gusta tanto.

おはよう。 今週 いそがしかった です、 でも この 暗い と きれいな 緑が あります から、いま よく です。

Nonostante abbia diversi nuovi smalti da usare, ho scelto questo rosso scurissimo, non riesco dire no al rosso!, in piu é cosi laccato, ma comunque metto sempre lo smalto lucidante.

J'ai nombreux nouveaus vernis a utiliser, mais pour moi c'est vraiment difficile dire no a un rouge, et celui est bien foncé et laqué.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Zoya "Kelly". Very sophisticated. Excellent formula.

Santee "Neon Saphire". Darker IRL.

Essie "Bordeaux". I'm in love!! this color is sooo me!!

Light blue franken.

Zoya "Charla". Came out of the Caribbean Sea to me.

Good Morning. These are some manicures i did while i was in my beloved country.