Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was a dark day. I hope you can appreciate the color and sparkles. Let the pictures speak.

No hubo casi luz hoy, espero que puedan apreciar el color y acabado del esmalte. Dejo que las fotos hablen.

きょうは たくさん しゃしんを とりました 。むらさきと ピンク グリター おもしろい です。

Quasi niente luce oggi. Vabbé, spero le foto vi diano lo stesso un'idea dello smalto.

Aujourd'hui rien du soleil. J'espere mes photos vous aidez apprécier le couleur et texture.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dark Blue Glitter

I bought this polish in my country, unknown name is.
Is full of silver, small glitter but the super dark inky base makes it shine blue, amazing even in low lightning.
I think a franken of this is easy.

Compre este esmalte en mi pais, marca desconocida.
Esta repleto de brillantina plateada, en apariencia azul debido a la base azul bien obscura del esmalte. Efecto visible aun en semi luz.

この いろは わたしの で かいました、あいにく グランドの あなまえを しりません。
くらい 青 です、すき です。

Ho comprato questo smalto nel mio paese, non conosco la marca.
E' pieno zeppo di glitter argento, che sembra blu per via della base blu super scura.
Il glitter é visibile anche con poca luce!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Essie - Hot Coco

I never thought i could like a color like this, in the taupe realm…

What conquers me is the glossy creaminess…is like a jelly-ish milky cream with a hint of coffee, warm,sexy vanilla and sugar...i could never drink sweet milk with coffee, but this is what this polish brings to my mind.

The application is a bit weird because the cream coagulates a little if you don’t work it quickly, but that's why the texture is so delicious and jelly-ish

And yeah …sunrise is approaching..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoya "Edyta"

This color is not my cup of tea, but the formula is.

Pigmented and glides on effortlessly, deliciously smooth.

Well done Zoya!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Opi- Shimmer&Shimmer

English: This is Opi Shimmer and Shimmer, is a clear base full of multi-colour glitter.

The predominant color is light blue, followed by silver and a less quantity of purple and gold glitter, but they give great pizzazz to the overall look of the polish.

Also the glitters are different sizes, being the gold and purple ones the biggest, that’s why they look so cool against the icy blue base.

Application, is good, but 2-3 coats are needed for opacity and top coat is mandatory, otherwise the glittery brilliance downs a lot and the surface remains too lumpy.

Español: este es Opi Shimmer and Shimmer, escarcha de varios colores suspendida en una base transparente. El color predominate es el azul claro, seguido por el plateadao y en menor cantidad morado y dorado.

Ademas la brillantina tiene diferentes tamaños, siendo las moradas y doradas las mas grandes, contribuyendo a dar un buen contraste con las otras escarchas.

Tiene buena aplicacion, pero es opaco con 2-3 capas y top coat es obligatoria sino se pierde el acabado tintineante y la superficie queda rugosa.

日本語: Opi "シマー& マー" 青い ぎん グリッター, それから たくさん むらさき グリッター あります。 とても きらめく です。

Italiano: questo è il brillantissimo Shimmer and Shimmer di Opi. Fatto di una base cristallina piena zeppa di glitterini argentati e azzurri. S’intravedono i brillantini viola e oro, che pero sono piu grandi rispetto ai precedenti, conferendo cosi un ottimo contrasto.

La stesura è buona, pero è d’obbligo la top coat per evitare una finitura un po’ rugosa e garantire il massimo luccichio.

Français: Voilà Opi avec Shimmer and Shimmer. Un vernis très pailleteé, on peux voir les particles violet et doreés plus grandes sur le fond bleu clair du vernis.

L’application c’est bonne, mais pour l’opacité 2-3 couches sont nécessaire, ainsi comment la top coat, sans elle, le vernis n’est pas si brillant.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smooth and Simple

L.A Girl "Rockstar"+OPI "Show it 'n Glow it".

Good Morning! Today i would like to write a little about something many of us strive to achieve: smooth hands.

I know you probably have your own routine, i do have my own, but i didn't arrive to it very easily. As many girls out there i cutted my cuticles, because that's the way is done in my country too (i'm not brazilian), but not always what we've been taught, is the correct way.
Thanks to blogging i learnt is best to push cuticles rather than cutting them.
Since i started doing so i see a great improvement in the overall appereance of my manicure and my nails too look neater.
But my main concern is to keep my hands smooth. Where i live winter is bad, very bad to my skin, while when i'm in my country, my skin glows and keeps moisturized even if i don't do any special treat.

I tried some overnight masks, oiling cuticles daily, and looking on the web for good hands care.
Honestly, i gave up. I have to much to do during the day to be so concern about oiling and rubbing and applying.
So now i stick to the basic ingredient: Simplicity.
So it is, i want smooth hands but with the simple way, what my dry skin wants is moisture and a nice exfoliator from time to time.
I did myself an all natural cream, mixing an organic oil suitable to my skin type into a light organic lotion and i pumped up the whole by adding Q10 and silk proteins. This is my moisturizer for hands and cuticles. Once per week i remove dead cells with a buttery exfoliator.

That's all and it works smooth and simple.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winner and NOTD

Good Morning. This is Nfu-Oh 554, the most beautiful purple jelly i've ever seen. Despite the picture, the polish is really purple. Another excellent example of "hard jelly".
I keep on coping with bad lightning...

Congrats to, you're the winner.
Thanks to all of you for entering, i wish i could give a present to all of you.
Thanks again.