Monday, August 30, 2010

L.A. Girl-Groupie

To me this is a blurple "Ruby Pumps"!!!, great aplication, lots and lots of iridiscent sparkles, shifting randomly from blue to purple. Amazing.

Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI-Got The Blues For Red

2 coats+seche vite: the clean-up was driving me crazy with this.

Limpiar las cuticulas con este esmalte fue desesperante.

゛クリン オッポゥ゛が じょうす じゃ ありません。

Pulire le sbavature di questo smalto é stato snervante.

Friday, August 20, 2010

NFU-OH 568

I love this jelly!...i wear polishes just how i feel, so is not rare for me to use vampies in summer and pastels/neons during winter.

Buenos dias…yo uso mis esmaltes segun lo que deseo al momento, no tengo problema alguno en llevar tonos obscuros en verano y pasteles/fluos en invierno.

おはよう。 今週 いそがしかった です、 でも この 暗い と きれいな 緑が あります から、いま よく です。

Salve cari visitatori...tante ragazze usano i colori a secondo delle stagioni, io assolutamente no, porto gli smalti come me la sento, sia scuri nella bella stagione che pastelli/neon nell’inverno.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm speechless...Ruby Pumps is my favorite polish. Is the polish i can take to a desert island, or wear forever.

"Ruby Pumps" es mi esmalte preferido, no me canso para nada de el, me encanta en todo momento, es el esmalte que pudiera llevar para siempre.

ルービー ポンポゥーが いちばん 女子きです。

Questo é il mio smalto preferito: Ruby Pumps. Potrei indossarlo per sempre e in ogni circostanza.
Veramente non mi stanca mai.

Monday, August 9, 2010


When i saw this polish in internet, i didn't like it at first. I thought was ugly and the color combo purple plus red sparkles/flakies was strange and somehow disgusting to me.
Now i like it, love the way it sparkles and change color. 2 coats on top of 1 coat Collistar "viola glitter".

Al inicio quando vi este esmalte en internet, no me gustaba para nada!, lo hayaba feo y hasta un poco ascoso, porque el morado mas la particulas rojas brillantes, me daban una sensacion de algo podrido...ahora, en vez, me gusta. 2 capas encima de 1 capa de Collistar "viola glitter".

これは とても きれいな むらさき てす 。

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

こんにちは。わたしは さくらです、どぅぞ よろしく。
Welcome to my blog. I was reluctant if create one or not. As you can see i decided to.

After seeing pictures of Lippmann's bad romance, i wanted it so much, but i knew it would be a hard time to have it as it was for Ruby Red slippers. So instead of bad romance, here it is essence's "undead" plus essence's "carrie" top coat. i actually like it! i'm really into vampies, dark, luscious colors, but there is nothing like red. my number one polish is CG "Ruby pumps", but in a future my number one polish will be an opaque, jelly-ish, super bright cool toned red creme, that has the same or even more depth and vibrancy as RP, or the polish i made Illamasqua's contest's shortlist into: a super black polish with a very very visible, bright, cool red interferance, ala Zoya Adina/RBL Scrangie, so you can get it clearer.
There are many things to come, until next time.

Como substituto de "Bad Romance" de la marca lipmmann (ya que no lo tengo), aqui estoy usando "undead" de Essence mas la capa de brillantina "Carrie" de la misma marca. Habran muchas cosas mas a venir, hasta entonces, pasenla bien.

また いらっしゃて ください。