Sunday, February 27, 2011

L.A Girl-Punk

My hands are so dry this time, because of the chill that came back stronger.
No sun, no good light for decent pictures.

But it doesn't matter, this polish is espectacular nonetheless!, imagine it at the sun!
Glimmering, dazzling, sparkly goodness. You can really see the purple shift.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Essie-Limited Addiction/Lippmann's 2011 Holiday Sneak Peek

How can i just don't love red?!..this has it all: sexy, deep, jelly-ish, super cool toned, glossy...
This is really like a drop of my blood in color similarity, i love this one! IRL is a bit darker.
This polish pairs beautifully with Nyx "Plush Red" lip pencil and megashine lipgloss.

Como puedo no amar el rojo?!...este me encanta!, es frio, brillante, profundo en color y super sensual. Este es muy sangriento en color. Un poquito mas obscuro en vivo.

赤が いちばん セックシ です。 これは とても すき です。 つやつや です。

Come posso non amare il rosso?! mio colore..questo é meraviglioso: lucido, sexy, rosso freddissimo, si stende bene. Dal vivo é poco piu scuro.

I'm counting the days after i saw this picture: Jessica rabbit's dress inspired Lippmann to create this polish.
It contains super large hexagonal red sequins, it seems like a glitter paradise, a red glitter paradise!!
This polish is part of the holiday collection, so i must wait patiencelly...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoya- Valerie

Zoya "valerie" is a new favorite of mine.
May be because i was hungry, the application was not so smooth as previous Zoya's.
I consider this polish as the ultimate vampy purple!, it has all darkness needed and the super dazzling copper-pink sparkles!

Sorry for the not so clear pictures, today is raining, not sun at all.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Illamasqua-Throb Collection

I purchased the latest Illamaqua's collection: Throb. Is also my first purchased with them.
I read a previous review about "Throb" nail polish as a one coater one; one coat means lots of pigment, and for me a red with lots of pigment= drooling over.

IRL the polish is not as bright as in pictures, it has a soft faded look to it, wich gives to me a sexy, gothic atmosphere sensation.

Is really a one coat polish but i did 2 coats because that’s me.

Sangers wins my approval. Sultry, bloody red, just my kind. Also very long lasting.

Above are some comparison swatches. The closer one to Sangers is in my opinion is Manic Panic « Vampire Red », is a little darker though.

Can you see how similar "Box" is to Jordana’s ?, there’s a huge difference in prize too, but Box wears longer....

You can buy Nyx and Jordana at cherry

"バンパイル レッド" は "サンゲロス" より暗い です。

“Jordana” より 安い です けど、でも わたしは "ボッツ"の ほうが いい です

Aqui unas quantas comparaciones. En mi opinion el mas cercano a Sangers es Vampire Red de Manic Panic, aunque es un poco mas obscuro.

“Box” no es parte de la coleccion Throb, pero lo inclui porque es fenomenal y bien opaco. Jordana cuesta tan poco y es muy, muy similar, pero Box dura mas en los labios.

Ecco alcuni comparativi! Secondo me Vampire Red é il piu vicino in colore a Sangers, poco piu chiaro rispetto al Manic Panic.

Anche se Box non fa parte della collezione Throb, l’ho aggiungo perche mi piace da impazzire tanto come il Jordana. Sono molto, molto simili, ma non nel prezzo…pero Box è a piu lunga durata.

Voilà un peux des comparativs: Sangers c’est un peux plus clair de Vampire Red.

Vous pouvez acheter Jordana et Nyx chez cherry

Friday, February 4, 2011

Essie-Going Incognito

Great polish; i love how blue based this green is. Super glossy on its own.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opi-A Ruby For Rudolph

Good morning. This is the polish that interrupts my "no red" regime after my nail breakage.
Is very shimmery, the shimmer is very fine though, but the polish is packed with it.
I like it, but is not the ultimate ruby red i want.