Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Parka to the Heat!!!

This is the manicure i’ll be rocking during my flight tomorrow and for a few days after my arrival in my beloved country.

Anyway, i’ll be in pause until december.

Got recently many new Zoyas but cannot wear and post them till i’m back, but i like them all!!!

In my country is hot all year long, and when i'll get back here in Switzerland, OMG!, winter is gonna be in full bloom…i will suffer so much, ‘cause chill and i don’t get along pretty well.

I hope you all have a nice time, and check back soon.

おはよう。 ニオン マニキューア です。

あした わたしの かえります、とても 幸せ です。

そこに いち がつ います。

くには いま あつい です そして たくさん 浜辺 あります。

じゃ また。

Este es el color que escogi para volar!, bueno mañana regreso a mi pais y me quedare hasta diciembre.
No voy a poder "bloguear" desde alla, asi que todo recomienza a mi vuelta. Compre nuevos esmaltes zoyas, fantasticos y brillantes, se los mostrare tan pronto regrese.
Voy a mi maravilloso pais, caliente y chillon siempre, acumulare todo el calor que pueda, asi podre soportar el frio de Suiza...

Salve!, fino a dicembre saro in vacanza, ritorno al mio paese, sono troppo contenta.
Purtroppo mi sara difficile dedicare tempo al blog, per questo motivo smetto fino al mio rientro.
Vi mostrero i nuovi smalti acquistati e altre novita appena ricomincio.
Dalle mie parti é caldo tutto l'anno, non vedo l'ora di arrivare, anche se soffriro parecchio quando ritornero in Svizzera, sara pieno inverno...

Salut les filles, je vais dans mon pays, je suis tres contente!, c'est pour ça que je fais une pause.
Le blog sera de retour environ décembre avec beaucoup nouveautés. Au revoir.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Winner

Congrats to
Thanks to all of you for joining the little contest.
Be sure that in a near future more is coming... i kinda have an idea for another one any time soon.

Winner picked thanks to

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sequin Ruffian

Yeah! a vampy!. This is Essie "Velvet Voyeur", 3 coats for maximum darkness.
Enriched with silver sequins, to create my own attempt of the Ruffian manicure.
I love vampies and with glitter even more.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

China Glaze-Emerald Fitzgerald

I didn't get all the polishes from "Vintage Vixen", but the ones i got, have an excellent formula and coverage.

むずかしい 仕事を しました から きょうは ねむい です が すてきな マニキューアが あります。

Creo que toda esta coleccion de CG tiene una formula y opacidad de las cuales no me puedo lamentar. Buenisimas.

Questo verde é scuro, un po' sul blu. Meraviglioso nella stesura e nella coprenza.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giveaway And NOTD

China Glaze "Mummy may i?". Remember to enter my giveaway, open also to visitors.

これは マニキューアと きらきら です。

Esmalte "Mummy may i?" de China Glaze. Recuerda aqui el sorteo, visitantes tambien.

Lo smalto é della China Glaze "Mummy may i?". Vi ricordo qui la strazione di un piccolo regalo, pure per i visitatori.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Giveaway For Eyes And Nails!

Due to espace only in english:

Good morning!
Is been already a month since i started blogging, and i'm really liking it! But i managed to get a long break for vacations, and at the end of october i'm going finally again to my country, i am so happy, can't wait, counting the days! Over there i won't have much time to dedicate to the blog, so i decided i will continue after my come back here. So that's why i want to make a giveaway! For my subscribers and visitors, as a thank you for stepping by and support me through this month and as an incentive to "wait" because i will be back blogging, always improving.

Lets get down to the contest!

I like to pair my makeup with my nail polish, that is not always possible because i wear makeup not very often and also for other circumstances. But if i'm going to wear red lipstick is a must for me to have red nails. Actually that is also one of my favorites makeup looks: old hollywood glam (Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Christina Aguilera,etc).
The other one is Japanese/Korean/Thai makeup styles (SNSD, Kara, Aum Patcharapa, Morning Musume,etc).
Right now my favorite style besides going bare faced is Chanel rouge allure "Dragon" with OPI "O'Hare and nails look great".

So very easy, leave a comment with your favorite makeup-polish combination if you have one, otherwise your favorite makeup and your favorite polish. everybody can enter, this time visitors too. You have time to enter until October 18. I will choose the winner randomly on October 19, so i can ship out your present before my departure. The prize is made of 3 polishes with coordinated eyeshadow samples, all new of course! Collistar and Deborah are great italian makeup brands and Alessandro is a great german nail care brand.
Collistar "Nero lurex"-black base with holographic glitter paired with black eyeshadow with multicolor sparkles.
Deborah No.36-brownish purple base with green interference paired with green eyeshadow.
Alessandro's latest LE "Green Genie"-some kind of green with a somehow green eyeshadow.

If you blog about this contest 1 extra entry. No twitter no facebook: i don't have them.
you so much!

Images courtesy and

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Essence LE-Forever Mine

And sure you'll be mine forever!, amazing color, darker irl but still vibrant; if you can, grab it asap!

この 青 は 少し グレーが あります。とても すき です。

Me encanta este azul, es mas obscuro de como muestra la primera foto, es vibrante en color. Fantastico.

Ragazze, se fate ancora in tempo prendete questo blu, é fantastico!, lucido e coprente, un blu non ordinario.