Sunday, November 13, 2011

Orly-Sweet Peacock

This blue by Orly is very bright, lots of pigment, but the polish needs a bit of thinner: is too dense. It has a metallic finish and a grainy appearance.

Un azul bien encendido y pigmentado, aunque necesita un poco de suavizante ya que es bien denso. Tiene un acabado metalico y una apariencia granulosa.

この 青い は  とても  ブリリアント です、ても すこし  欝蒼 ですよ。

Questo blu di orly é molto acceso, purtroppo con una formula molto densa: bisogna qualche goccia di fluido ristorativo. Ha un finish metallico e un aspetto granuloso.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Zoya -Isla and Comparisons

"Isla" is a glowy, blackened red. I dare to say that if you have her you don't need Zoya "Blair" or China Glaze "MKS", but to my eye Isla is the reddest, though, the prettiest.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fyrinnae 2011 Swatches.

Good Afternoon. My new fyrinnae order. It was a long time since the last time i purchased from them, but finally they released some new products, but sadly i couldn't get the two new lip lustres and the silica gel primer i want to try: they were out of stock.
There are better swatches out there of these colors, but i am too excited to share. The colors on my monitor mostly match what i see irl, i hope descriptions can be also helpful in what pictures can't.

Row 1:

Book of the dead: A cool gold shade with rainbow-y sparkles, i think they are not that visible.
Steampunk: I got it just like so, because the definition of a "copper/brown" color is not my like, but i wanted to try it anyway, at 2 dollars a mini eyeshadow of course i could give it a try. Gladly it has pink shimmer: makes it more wearable for me.
Curioser and Curioser: Too pretty! a rich blue, somehow metallic with tons of blue sparks.
Raven's prophecy: WOW! a smooth black LOADED with purple, gold and green glitter. Now one of my favorites eyeshadows ever.
Wake not the dead: WOW, WOW! a satiny purple with what to my eyes are pink tones, and with an overload of that amazing super sparkly glitter in different well coordinated colors. Goes straight up to my favorites.
Bride of Franken: Medium teal shade, a lot more blue than green, just as i like. Sparse rainbow-y shimmer. Totally love this.

Row 2:

Purgatory. Oh man...a shimmery red, despite being too warm for what i prefer, is too beautiful to ignore.
Mephisto: a strong copper veil on top of a velvety purple, but i couldn't get the purple to show...
Alchemist curse: dark purple with amazing sparkle: how not to love?
Are you my mummy?: i got a full size of this because of the "strong pink shift", i twisted my hand in every possible angle and couldn't see any...i should have taken full size of "wake not the dead" instead.
Winter again: another shade i cherish. Icy, iridescent blue.
Nijiro: Buttery color, very smooth. The multi color shimmer is too hidden.

Row 3:

Bite me: a deep red, looks warm in here. For sure it will be bitten when i'll wear it as a lippy.
Sleepy hollow: Deep teal with gold shimmer.
Darling misfit: WOW!! a cool fuchsia/hot pink with an incredible turquoise shifting, freaking love this one.
Sugar skull (free sample): thanks God was free. Warm reddish hot pink.
Dorian grey: Dark charcoal with sparse blue sparkles.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Zoya Revisited.


Crystal and Valerie: two of my favorites from Zoya. Crystal has more foil finish than Valerie. Now i would like to have an icy blue like Crystal but with silver sparkles.

Dos de mis favoritos de Zoya. Crystal tiene un aspecto mas metalico respecto a Valerie, pero es un morado con una bellisima pigmentacion.

ベター  写真 を 撮 りました。 この ふかむらさき と あおい が とても すき です

Crystal e Valerie sono fra i miei preferiti di Zoya. Crystal é piu' metallico rispetto a Valerie, ma quest'ultimo ha una ricchezza del colore fenomenale.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Whatever color this one is, i truly like it. Visible purple tones in a base i don't know what is: brown? grey?
Another passepartout color, goes well everywhere. Ah! and the consistency: chimera of cream and jelly, Looove!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"Neeka" has an unglittery particle, i thought it was a cooler polish, i like it somehow, but these not shiny speckles are not my cup of tea.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Matte Polish, velvety texture. Is not dark, but it transmits to me a vampy/gothic atmosphere.

Esmalte opaco, textura aterciopelada. Aun sin ser obscuro, me da un toque vampiresco.

Zoya ゛ポーシ゛。 マッテ  ネイル です。

Smalto opaco, apparenza vellutata. Non é scuro, ma mi sembra comunque un po' "vampy".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kiko 336

Hard to photograph...the first picture is too washed out and the last one is too more like a color in between yet bright. Is a very pigmented jelly polish, squishy looking and glossy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ozotic Pro 505

This polish is gorgeous. A liquified rainbow right on my nails. The magic is possible only on top of dark colors, alone is a disappointing sheerest of the sheers. 2 coats black, 2 coats 505.

Espectacular esmalte. Un arcoiris liquido para mis uñas. La magia solo es posible si esta encima de colores obscuros, sino es un aguacero sin pinta ni brillo. 2 capas sobre negro.

虹 マニキューア です。たくさん いろが あります。   など が  あります。


L'arcobaleno fatto smalto per unghie. Pero' é visibile solo se applicato sopra colori scuri, altrimenti é come non aver messo su niente. 2 passate sopra smalto nero.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Opi-Red Like Roses

Super glowy red. I just wish the color to be deeper and cooler.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zoya- Jem

Wow, Zoya's newest polish looks on fire in the bottle! Jem is similar to "Valerie" from the Flame collection. Jem is less sparkly and much more opaque, with a velvety finish that i really like. Yes, Jem is outrageous, truly, truly outrageous...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deborah #60

Italian Brand "Deborah", has this super pretty lilac polish full of gold glass flecks. Is very reflective as you can see. I layered it over one coat of a lavender Kiko. OMG! Kiko has a nice formula, the problem is the brush, which is a mop, a real mop...even more is Thumbelina's mop.

Aqui les presento el numero 60 de "Deborah", una marca italiana. Esta repleto de brillantina dorada y para darle mas impacto, lo superpuse a un Kiko moradito. Aunque Kiko tiene una buena formula, la brocha es un desastre, porque es un autentico suape, es mas, es el suape de Pulgarcita.

これは  るい  むらさき  マニキューア です。"Kiko" (キコ) の うえに  "Deborah" (デボラ) が あります。 "デボラ" は  黄色  グリッタが  あります。

Ecco qua il numero 60 della Deborah. Pieno zeppo di brillantini dorati. L'ho steso sopra un Kiko lavanda per darli piu' profondita'. Caspita pero' se é grosso il pennello della Kiko, un vero mocio, direi che é il mocio di Pollicina.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winner & NOTD

Congrats to Kerrie Black. Thanks to all for your support.

China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle", 2 coats + Top coat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

L.A Girl- Rockstar

(Reproduced by permission of Photo Researchers, Inc.)

Good Afternoon. I was so excited with this polish!...Look how gorgeous it appears.
Unfortunately all that rainbow-y goodness does not translate onto the nails...let down.
Just a delicate pinkish glimmer is all what it gives to you.

Also, can you appreciate its resemblance with the Scorpius Constellation? mesmerizing to me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 5: Best Things I've Learned Thanks To Nail Blogs.

Nail Blogs are so great not only because we share our passion with others and get hints of new, upcoming collections.
We can find out also, many nice things we had not idea about of.

Here is my Top 5

1) China Glaze "Ruby Pumps": To me is the most beautiful polish ever. Just for this i'm totally grateful to nail blogs.
Para mi, el esmalte mas bello del mundo.
"Ruby Pumps"  が いちばん きれいな あか です。
Per me, é lo smalto piu bello fra tutti.

2) Pushing cuticles rather than cutting them: Oh Boy!, this has been a MAJOR  staple, help,
step in my nail care routine, thanks to this my routine is basically this: push and moisturize.
 Before when i cutted, it was a nightmare to keep a neat, clean nail border. Now is a piece of cake, and sometimes i use a cuticle remover for extra help.
Empujar las cuticulas en vez de cortarlas, ha mejorado enormemente la apariencia de mis uñas, cabe decir que es el mejor sistema para las cuticulas.
Spingere le cuticole invece di tagliarle, é il miglior modo di mantenere il bordo
 dell'unghia uniforme e con un bel aspetto.

3) Clean-up: Another thing i'm so happy i know about. Nails look so elegant, so taken care of when you do this.
Limpiar el borde del esmalte aplicado, para uniformar su aspecto, hace ver mas bello el resultado final.
クリン オップとネイール ワロップと マニキューア が いちばん すてき ですよ。
Pulire il bordo dello smalto steso, mi ha aiutato tantissimo nel dare un'apparenza piu' curata alla mia manicure.

4) Seche Vite: How i did before discovering this amazing fast drying top coat? I don't know.
 No se como hacia antes de descubrir esta capa de brillo, que seca el esmalte totalmente en minutos.
 "Seche vite" (セーシ ビット) は とてもシャイニーです。
 Mamma mia! ma come facevo prima di usare questa fantastica top coat ad asciugatura ultra veloce?

5) Nail  Tip Wrap: Another precious tip for a longer-lasting, neater manicure.
 Aplicar esmalte a la punta de la uña, hace mas duradera y bonita la manicure.
 Mettere lo smalto anche sulla punta dell'unghia, fà piu' duratura e carina la manicure.

Polish Shown: Essie "Flirty Fuchsia".