Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 5: Best Things I've Learned Thanks To Nail Blogs.

Nail Blogs are so great not only because we share our passion with others and get hints of new, upcoming collections.
We can find out also, many nice things we had not idea about of.

Here is my Top 5

1) China Glaze "Ruby Pumps": To me is the most beautiful polish ever. Just for this i'm totally grateful to nail blogs.
Para mi, el esmalte mas bello del mundo.
"Ruby Pumps"  が いちばん きれいな あか です。
Per me, é lo smalto piu bello fra tutti.

2) Pushing cuticles rather than cutting them: Oh Boy!, this has been a MAJOR  staple, help,
step in my nail care routine, thanks to this my routine is basically this: push and moisturize.
 Before when i cutted, it was a nightmare to keep a neat, clean nail border. Now is a piece of cake, and sometimes i use a cuticle remover for extra help.
Empujar las cuticulas en vez de cortarlas, ha mejorado enormemente la apariencia de mis uñas, cabe decir que es el mejor sistema para las cuticulas.
Spingere le cuticole invece di tagliarle, é il miglior modo di mantenere il bordo
 dell'unghia uniforme e con un bel aspetto.

3) Clean-up: Another thing i'm so happy i know about. Nails look so elegant, so taken care of when you do this.
Limpiar el borde del esmalte aplicado, para uniformar su aspecto, hace ver mas bello el resultado final.
クリン オップとネイール ワロップと マニキューア が いちばん すてき ですよ。
Pulire il bordo dello smalto steso, mi ha aiutato tantissimo nel dare un'apparenza piu' curata alla mia manicure.

4) Seche Vite: How i did before discovering this amazing fast drying top coat? I don't know.
 No se como hacia antes de descubrir esta capa de brillo, que seca el esmalte totalmente en minutos.
 "Seche vite" (セーシ ビット) は とてもシャイニーです。
 Mamma mia! ma come facevo prima di usare questa fantastica top coat ad asciugatura ultra veloce?

5) Nail  Tip Wrap: Another precious tip for a longer-lasting, neater manicure.
 Aplicar esmalte a la punta de la uña, hace mas duradera y bonita la manicure.
 Mettere lo smalto anche sulla punta dell'unghia, fà piu' duratura e carina la manicure.

Polish Shown: Essie "Flirty Fuchsia".

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Opi- The Muppets Nail Swatches.

Click to enlarge for a more detailed perspective.
I want at least eight of them, we'll see.

Remember my Giveaway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boé-No. 13 And Giveaway.

Boé is a local brand from my country. Here are two coats of pure, pigmented dark green jelly.
I love vampy polishes, they help me a lot in the transition from short to long nails: makes it more "bearable".
This dark green is too beautiful and has an amazing gloss too.  

Remember my GIVEAWAY.

Aqui concurso de aniversario.

ここに プレゼントが あります。

Qui piccolo concorso.

Rappelez-vous mon petit concour.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

1st Anniversary Giveaway.

As soon as i saw Orly's holiday 2011 collection i had a déjà vu. Time later when i passed near by a Deborah's counter i found out why i had it: polish 60 was the reason, it looks exactly like Orly's "Oui".
A lilac-purplish color full of gold particles, i picked it along with others that i think are very nice polishes for me and for you.
In fact they're the ones chosen for my first year as a nail blogger giveaway.
I'm very, very grateful to all of you guys, for subscribing and showing support to my blog.
I'm not at all good with words, so i don't know what else to say but thanks and that i hope in making this a super pretty, nice nail blog.

Polishes: Deborah 60, Deborah 56 (light aqua-blue with gold particles), Deborah 53 (sparkly foil gunmetal gray), Essence "Replay" (mint green) and Essence "Right,Girl" ( shimmery fuchsia red).

Bottom picture is a crappy one i did to show the difference between 56 and Zoya "Charla": 56 is a lot lighter and is extremally sparkly, you'll see clearly the gold particles glistening agaisnt the clear blue base. "60" is super pretty as well, nice contrast with the lilac base.

Worldwide open. You are one of my subscribers. Gain one extra entry for tweet and/or blog about this.
Fill the form with your google ID, email and in the text message the number of entries. Entry time till August 8.
Any question? feel free to leave me a comment. Good Luck.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kiko 278 And Haul.

Good Afternoon. I was in Italy during these weeks, and while there had the chance to go to a Kiko store. I couldn't buy a lot, because i wasn't time i'll go by myself to a closer one, so i won't have any rush.
This purple has a lot of pink tones and is very sparkly, formula was a bit dense.

Buenas tardes. Estaba en Italia estas ultimas semanas y aproveche entrar en una tienda Kiko quando la vi. No compre mucho porque me tenian apresurada, serà para una proxima vez. Entre mis compras, coji este morado con fuertes tonos rosados y un acabado bien escarcheado.

おはよう。イタリア に  いました、きれいな ところ です そして たくさん   おいしい りょうり を 食べました。なにかも かいました。 Kiko(キコ) イタリアの  ブランドです、いつ イタリア へ また いきます、もう かいますよ。

Buon Pomeriggo. Ero in Italia ultimamente, e quando ho visto un negozio Kiko, non potevo non entrare. Peccato pero' che ho preso poco, ero di fretta ma non per causa mia, la prossima volta ci vado da sola a uno piu' vicino. Bello questo viola un po' rosato, molto glitterato.