Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boé-No. 13 And Giveaway.

Boé is a local brand from my country. Here are two coats of pure, pigmented dark green jelly.
I love vampy polishes, they help me a lot in the transition from short to long nails: makes it more "bearable".
This dark green is too beautiful and has an amazing gloss too.  

Remember my GIVEAWAY.

Aqui concurso de aniversario.

ここに プレゼントが あります。

Qui piccolo concorso.

Rappelez-vous mon petit concour.


  1. You have very lovely hands and nails :)

  2. That is absolutely stunning. And I want to echo what Rhonda said, your nails are beautiful! I love deep green jellies.

  3. Thank you girls. Will take some time to check your blogs, if you have one.
    Thanks again for stepping by.