Sunday, July 10, 2011

1st Anniversary Giveaway.

As soon as i saw Orly's holiday 2011 collection i had a déjà vu. Time later when i passed near by a Deborah's counter i found out why i had it: polish 60 was the reason, it looks exactly like Orly's "Oui".
A lilac-purplish color full of gold particles, i picked it along with others that i think are very nice polishes for me and for you.
In fact they're the ones chosen for my first year as a nail blogger giveaway.
I'm very, very grateful to all of you guys, for subscribing and showing support to my blog.
I'm not at all good with words, so i don't know what else to say but thanks and that i hope in making this a super pretty, nice nail blog.

Polishes: Deborah 60, Deborah 56 (light aqua-blue with gold particles), Deborah 53 (sparkly foil gunmetal gray), Essence "Replay" (mint green) and Essence "Right,Girl" ( shimmery fuchsia red).

Bottom picture is a crappy one i did to show the difference between 56 and Zoya "Charla": 56 is a lot lighter and is extremally sparkly, you'll see clearly the gold particles glistening agaisnt the clear blue base. "60" is super pretty as well, nice contrast with the lilac base.

Worldwide open. You are one of my subscribers. Gain one extra entry for tweet and/or blog about this.
Fill the form with your google ID, email and in the text message the number of entries. Entry time till August 8.
Any question? feel free to leave me a comment. Good Luck.


  1. happy 1st blogiversary!!!!
    thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. This is an awesome giveway! :)

  3. I said this in the message, but congratulations! And thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  4. Thanks to all. Sadly i can't find here in Switzerland greater colors, so i have to stick with what i can find.

  5. Happy anniversary - thank you for the giveaway! =)

  6. Happy Blog-Anniversary :)
    thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Lovely giveaway!