Saturday, June 11, 2011

Essie And Orly Fall/Winter 2011 Collections.

Good morning. Summer is not in full bloom yet, but news about new fall/winter collections are already avalaible.
Here we have Essie and Orly. Essie's fall is called "Brand New Bag" and honestly they're not my kind of colors, but i'm ready to change my mind as soon as i can see nicer swatches. The pink, the somehow purple and the strange green one are the ones that call me most, and if they have that awesome, squishy, Essie's signature texture, for sure i'll love them.

Next is Orly's turn. These are really mesmerizing me. There are several i like. Need to see how close to each other are the blues from the Bird and MineralFX collections.
Essie's is coming  in August, whereas Orly's in November...too far away, hope sooner Orly.

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