Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China Glaze- Dorothy Who?

"The Wizard of Oz" is nice theme for a polish collection, and China Glaze truly made my day, the moment i found out about "Ruby Pumps". In this particular moment i'm wearing "Dorothy Who?" from the  re-released of the before told collection. Is the blue version of my beloved "Ruby Pumps"! actually i added a bit of dark navy blue polish to deepen the jelly base: it was to sheer for what i expected.

But i have to say that the only polishes i save from this collection are Ruby and Dorothy, the others are meh and that strange frosty/lumpy/glittery finish is not pretty.
I would have made up this collection like this: Ruby pumps, Dorothy who?, China Glaze "Lighthouse", Emerald sparkle, a strong holographic silver, China Glaze "Ahoy" (pinkier and lighter)  and a purple glitter ala Nubar "Violet sparkle".


  1. loving this, seeing this makes me want to go out and get it since i don't have this one yet!

  2. Hi. In my opinion you have to go and get it asap.
    I have crossed fingers, waiting soon a purple version of Ruby pumps.