Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to: Smooth Glitter Manicure (finally...)

Good afternoon. I want to share with you how to obtain a glass like finish on your glitter manicures.
Once i was visiting and out of curiosity i read the "better than gel nails" section and thought to myself that if these sealers are meant to smooth a fake nail tip, they could be good to smooth glitters too.
I got the sealers and put them as indicated by the brand: after my manicure was done, i applied the base sealer and then the top sealer.
OMG! it works, and with a very, very good result. Those top coat- sucker polishes have to surrender against this combo.
For the purpose of this post, pictures were taken about 15 hours after application, and as you can see the surface of the nail is smooth and shiny, just be carefull to spread each sealer evenly to avoid little rough spots. I've worn this combo for four days on top of very thirsty glitter polishes (Wet 'n Wild coloricon polishes) and the surface is still smooth, you can just refresh the glossy finish with your regular top coat.
You can apply Seche Vite right after the top sealer to speed up the drying process or you can leave it as is, either way you'll obtain a smooth, glass like glitter manicure. (These pictures are without any fast drying top coat on top of the sealers).