Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essence-Love,Peace And Purple

I've been sick lately, and this is the polish i've been wearing for almost 9 days.
I want to improve and post more often but i just couldn't get close to acetone and polish these days...neither Ruby Pumps has got this amout of wearing in a single pose.
Anyway, this polish is part of Essence's LE "You Rock", i guess is a Paradoxal clone, eventhough i don't have the coveted Chanel, it seems like so.
The formula is thick and the small brush doesn't get along with my long nails; i would really love mixing balls inside the polish even if that means cost raised by 1 cent.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lippmann-Ruby Red Slippers

I know is spring, but i'm just to fond of red and dark colors that i can't help it but wear them all year round.
And this one conjures up most of the things i like in polish term: jelly texture,RED,"vampyliciousness" and glittah !!! 2 coats of RRS on top of 1 coat CG "Lubu heels". I glued some Swarovsky on ring and middle fingers for extra bling.

Lo se que es Primavera y hay aire de colores pasteles y frescos, pero yo estoy tan afeccionada con el rojo y tonos obscuros que no puedo evitar de usarlos todo el año. Y este tiene casi todo lo que me gusta en un esmalte: textura gelatinosa, ROJO, obscuridad y brillantina. 2 capas de RRS encima de una de CG "Lubu heels".

ここに  いま  はる です。てんきは あたたかい です でも くらい いろの ほが すき ですよ。 わたしには  くろとあか かわい です。

La primavera é arrivata da un po' ma io amo troppo il rosso e i colori scuri che l'indosso tutto l'anno. E questo smalto riassume in sé la maggioranza delle cose che mi piacciono in uno smalto: consistenza gelatinosa, rosso, scuro e glitter.

C'est le printemps mais j'aime trop le rouge et les couleurs foncé, donc, je le porte environ toute l'année.
cet rouge avec glitter est fantastique, foncé et tres brillant.

Monday, April 18, 2011

China Glaze- "Branding Iron"

The first time i knew about China Glaze was when i was watching a makeup tut on Youtube and i said to myself: "that's the kind of purple i'm looking for!". I got the name of the polish and surfed the net to find informations about, and a little time after i was holding some "Rodeo Diva" collection polishes, those are my first China Glaze ever. After that i got acquainted with OPI, Essie, Zoya, etc and of course the world of nail blogging. This happened about 2 years ago. Before that i only used nail varnish from my country and the ones you can get here in Switzerland.
I dare to say that "Branding Iron" is the only brown polish i love! Is so packed with red shimmer that it looks like a glowing red color. I looove that "lit from within" aspect it has: darker around the edges and brilliant in the middle.
Dare i also say that "Rodeo Diva" is one of the best polish collections ever. The synchrony of the finish expands through the whole line, the colors are rich, bright and luminous, the color palette is vast and variegate.
Surely a collection China Glaze can be proud of.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essence-You Belong To Me

Good afternoon everybody. This time is Essence's turn. This polish is part of the new update they did this season. Besides red and pink, this kind of pastel aqua/teal/light blue with a hint of green is one of my favorite colors, i don't know exactly what kind of shade it is, but i just love it.

I'm more than sure of "the adversities i will have to cope" with this polish in a near future, because inside of this tiny bottle with no mixing balls there is an awful formula: dense, a sort of "dry" formula that leaves bald spots behind. I need to super load the brush to apply it decently.
But i'm willing to work even with cement paste as long as i like the color.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zoya-Sarah: Totally Loving It!

I'm sooo glad that i was born in this era so i could have this red! a bit more magenta-red irl, but is a spectacular one!, a super red lover like me cannot not succumb to this glory of polish. The intensity of the color mesmerize me, how it glows is fascinating. Depending on lightning i see a hot pink shift laying on top of the red. This one goes without complaints on my top 10 polishes and on my top 10 reds. But eventhoug its magnificence, does not depose "Ruby Pumps".

Estoy tan feliz de haber nacido en esta epoca y asi poder poseer un rojo como este! un poco mas magenta en realidad y es espectacular. Una amante del rojo como yo no puede no sucumbir a tanta gloria. La intensidad del color es maravillosa. Dependiendo de la iluminacion, veo un brillo rosado vivo que permanece en la superficie del rojo. Sin ningun problema este va de derecho en mi top diez de esmaltes. Pero aun con toda esta riqueza no destrona a "Ruby Pumps"...

こんにちは。スーパ  ですよ。  たくさん 橙色とももいろ たまむしいろ 一点 あります。きらきら ワインレッドです。  

Sono contentissima di essere nata in quest'epoca per potere avere questo rosso spettacolare. Sono un'amante del rosso e non posso non subire la bellezza di questo. Ha un'intensità nel colore che é una meraviglia. A volte, a seconda della luce, vedo un'iridiscenza rosa acceso posata nella superficie. Questo va di diritto nella mia top dieci degli smalti, ma nonostante la gloria di costui, non spodesta a "Ruby Pumps".

Voici un tres beau vernis rouge. La couleur est  bien riche et lumineuse...Il y a une iridescent rose vif sur la surface du vernis. Il va sans problems dans mon top 10 de vernis.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Disappointment From Long Awaited Polishes.

In the bottle Sinful "San Francisco" is a gorgeous jewel toned dark green, i was very happy to have my first shimmery green... and yes, on nails is yet jewel toned green BUT is yellow based and not as dark as it looked. I couldn't have it on for more than 2 hours before switching to the purple one: Sinful "Daddy's Girl".
Another let down...a stunning sea of dark grape-purple scattered by miriads of gilded/pinkish tiny flakes turned into an anonymous purple coat covering my nails. Where is the richness? the "purple-ness"? the "flaky-ness"?
Is not an absolute bad purple to me, but i won't wear it again, maybe on top of a dark red, black or a richer purple.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Winner Has A Name

And is Lauriestrode.
I'm very grateful for all the entries, i really would like to give a gift to everyone, i just wish i could.
Winner was chosen with with the list randomizer option.

Many thanks again for your support.