Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essence-You Belong To Me

Good afternoon everybody. This time is Essence's turn. This polish is part of the new update they did this season. Besides red and pink, this kind of pastel aqua/teal/light blue with a hint of green is one of my favorite colors, i don't know exactly what kind of shade it is, but i just love it.

I'm more than sure of "the adversities i will have to cope" with this polish in a near future, because inside of this tiny bottle with no mixing balls there is an awful formula: dense, a sort of "dry" formula that leaves bald spots behind. I need to super load the brush to apply it decently.
But i'm willing to work even with cement paste as long as i like the color.


  1. it look so pretty on your nails!!! love the color!

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