Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Opi- German-icure By Opi

I applied two coats over black, because i think it's too sheer... a complete success!!!. Is such a glowy, dark red!, the "lit from within, dark around the edges" effect really comes to life. Be sure to apply generous amount of top coat, and if you wear it for several days, refresh it: this color the shinier, the better.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catrice- Godfather Of Pearls

Why it took me so long to wear this gem?!! 2 thin coats over black, sparkles mostly teal, silver and pink, and at acute angles, if you're into looking for it, you'll se gold, copper, green and blue. A true rainbow of colors always visible. Now i regret not taking more top coats from that LE (Millions of styles).


¿Porqué tardé tanto en usar esta joya? Me fascina el espectro de colores que tiene: mayormente se nota turquesa, plateado y rosado. Con suerte veras dorado, azul, verde y cobre. Un arcoiris.

Mamma ho impiegato troppo nel usare questo meraviglioso smalto in edizione limitata, e non sapro' che altre gemme aveva questa collezione di vedono un sacco di riflessi colorati sull'unghia: turchese, argento e rosa in predominanza; rame, oro, verde e blu con fortuna.