Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zoya Lovely Spring 2013, NO NO NO!

Ok, the collection seems pretty, you can find swatches of GeiGei, Piaf and Julie through Google images...
Speaking of Julie, i don't want to be rude but "Julie" is a  f***ing pastel!!!, A purple pastel!!
 Well, my name is not spelled like this, that's why i'm going to take it easy, if only "Blu" was name like me i would be 
Very, very pleased, because after red this is the type of color i cherish the most along with pink and Cornflower blue.
"Blu" besides being a beautiful name, got also a super beautiful color shade.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Opi- German-icure By Opi

I applied two coats over black, because i think it's too sheer... a complete success!!!. Is such a glowy, dark red!, the "lit from within, dark around the edges" effect really comes to life. Be sure to apply generous amount of top coat, and if you wear it for several days, refresh it: this color the shinier, the better.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catrice- Godfather Of Pearls

Why it took me so long to wear this gem?!! 2 thin coats over black, sparkles mostly teal, silver and pink, and at acute angles, if you're into looking for it, you'll se gold, copper, green and blue. A true rainbow of colors always visible. Now i regret not taking more top coats from that LE (Millions of styles).


¿Porqué tardé tanto en usar esta joya? Me fascina el espectro de colores que tiene: mayormente se nota turquesa, plateado y rosado. Con suerte veras dorado, azul, verde y cobre. Un arcoiris.

Mamma ho impiegato troppo nel usare questo meraviglioso smalto in edizione limitata, e non sapro' che altre gemme aveva questa collezione di vedono un sacco di riflessi colorati sull'unghia: turchese, argento e rosa in predominanza; rame, oro, verde e blu con fortuna. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Opi-Golden Eye And Oxblood Lips

A total mistake buying this polish, is too warm for me and so, don't like how it looks on me. I didn't even put effort in photographing it, sorry. I will try it over black, as a last resort, to see if it becomes wearable.

In other hands, i read about the Oxblood trend on Zoya's blog; is cool to see as one of this season's trends, something i usually pull of during this period.
On lips is Fyrinnae's "Dragon's Blood" Lip Lustre.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opi-On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Today's very cloudy, did my best for nice pictures...This beauty is very sparkly but sheer. I applied 2 generous coats over one coat China Glaze  "Midnight Mission" (i forgot how cool this blue polish is!)
I dislike that the pink glow is only visible at acute angles.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Orly-Beach Cruiser

Warmer and deeper than shown pictures...i need a neon-accurate camera. 2 coats over white.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Essie-Material Girl

Almost a dupe for Essie "Wicked", with so many polishes in production is inevitable...
Differences: this one is a jelly.

Essie "Wicked"に非常によく似ています。

Casi igualito a Essie "Wicked". Diferencias: este es mas translucido, mientras el otro es cremoso.

Quasi identico ad un'altro Essie, il Wicked. Le differenze: questo é translucido, l'altro cremoso.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Super Cuticle Butter

Almost mids of September, my favorite season is approaching with its chilly but not to inclement weather...but also my dry skin will be more suffering.
I create most of my skin care products, and taken inspiration from some cuticle butters out there i created mine. I want to take the habit to apply it every night on fingers and toes.
I ordered lemon essential oil and lemon-meringue cosmetic fragrance 'cause i didn't have them.
But the rest was (is) all in my little chemistry corner.
The butter is made with valuable organic oils: Argan, Olive, Avocado,Yellow lemon...
And amazing organic butters: Cupuaçu, Karite, Murumuru,Pistacchio, Cocconut ...
Some actives and a nice bit of lemon-meringue fragrance.
I left little chunks of butter, because i think it adds value to the rustic, from scratch crafting.

Well already done hand scrub, cuticle butter, what's next...Hand cream!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alessandro-Hidden Treasure

Super dark inky blue with gold and green sparkles. Fluid formula, one coater, i loooove it.

Fuerteazul muy obscuro con brillantes dorados y verdes. Aplicacion fluida y muy buena cobertura. Me encanta.

紺青黄緑   ぐりた .

Blu scurissimo con tanti brillantini dorati e verdi. Facile stesura.

Un bleu marine très foncé avec du paillettes or et verts. Application facile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiramisu' And Nails!

Hello. I need to find a way to post regularly but not spending too much time with it yet being efficient...
Ok, let me show how i make a scrumptious italian dessert: Tiramisu' and show you the state of my nails after 4 hours hard core house cleaning.
First Tiramisu' made with a technique to pasteurise the eggs, since they are going to be consumed raw, it really makes me cringe, but i found this way very helpful to avoid eating them totally raw.

1) Prepare a coffee (strong or light, is up to you), sugar is optional ( i do) , and pour in it Marsala liquor (quantity to your taste). Marsala substitutes: rum,spirit of your choice or nothing. The original recipe is with Marsala.

2) I use three eggs, divide them in whites and yolks. Whisk the eggs to a very hard consistence, and whisk the yolks with 100 g sugar till a foamy, creamy consistence.

3) Put 50 g sugar in a little casserole with a bit of water, on medium flame, heat until the syrup is still clear and bubbling with big bubbles. While whisking the whites add half of the syrup to the meringue and reform the hard meringue. And add the rest of the syrup to the yolks always mixing. (if the syrup hardens in the mixture, don't worry it will dissolve again).

4) Incorporate 350 g of  Mascarpone to the yolks and mix.

5) Add the meringue to the mascarpone mixture and mix gently. (Check sweetness level).

6) Wet the savoiardo in the coffee and cover the bottom of a pan with them. The more you wet the biscuit the more soft it will become.

7) Level the cream on top of the biscuits and sprinkle bitter cocoa. You can make levels with savoiardo and the cream, you decide. The original recipe is just one level.

My nails were 2,3 cm... a week ago i cleaned every corner of the living room and the whole fridge an freezer that was literally, totally freezed. I broke every nail and now just patience... i feel that my hands are sooo weightless!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY: Hands And Body Sugar Scrub

I think most of us, if not all, love soft and smooth skin. A very easy way to achieve this is by regular exfolation, since is going to be regular, it better be a gentle one.
And is such a nice thing to make our own scrub! they're so easy to make at home, with few (or more) ingredients.
I poured in my jar brown sugar, a bit of fine white sugar, in order to have different particle sizes for a better performance, then added bits of fresh lavender from my garden and finally poured on top a nice organic coconut oil, stir with a knife and adjust oil quantity if the mixture is dry.
Of course you can make your own variations: use salt instead of sugar or both, olive oil or another nice oil good for the skin.
I am ready to make one with grated orange peel and another with red rose petals, also from my garden.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Orly "Royal Navy"

I found my favorite blue: Tadaa! How can this be possible?? so saturated, bright, sooo blue.

Mi esmalte azul preferido! saturacion del color optima, intensa. Lo recomiendo a todo aquel que ame el azul.

この マニキュアは  私の好きなです。とても ブリリアントです。

Il mio blue numero uno! Proprio degno di essere chiamato blue regale. Stupendo!!

Mon bleu préféré. Très lumineux et pigmentée. Je l'aime beaucoup.  

 Meine Lieblings-blau. Sehr pigmentiert. Ich mag es so sehr.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Essie"Navigate Her"

 Hello. Today i have on my nails this green which i like a lot ( a green...).
After the huge disappoitment that Essie "Mint Candy Apple" was, i was afraid of having the same with this.
This green must have a mixture of tones suitable for my skin color, because i don't have the sensation of my hands dirty with pumpkin puree or ketchup.
Ok, see you next.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essence "Wake Up" feat. NFU OH 51

Me wearing orange?, might be gettin' crazy...anyway, this caught my attention at the drawer for being bright and crisp.  Formula is amazing! with the right density to glide smoothly the polish onto the nail, basically no mistakes!, and since i couldn't decide between two colors, i opted for both.

Yo y el mamei...debo estar loca...pero me llamo a la atencion por su vivacidad. Lo primero que me vino en la mente quando lo vi, fue ese jugo de "naranja" que solia beber de niña.
la formula es estupenda, se aplica muy facilmente, y como no sabia por qual color decidirme, los use a ambos.

こんにちはみんな. わたしオレンジ へたですが これわ とても きれいてす
から 私はそれを持って幸せです。

Debo essere impazzita: io e l'arancione!, Mi ha colpito la vivacità del colore, ed é un bene in piu' la formula densa e scorrevole al punto giusto. E siccome non riuscivo a decidermi tra due colori, li porto entrambi.

Hallo.Orange gefelt es mir nicht aber dieser Nagellack ist sehr lebendig. In diesem Fall konnte ich nicht zwischen zwei Farben entscheiden, so dass ich beide tragen.

Je ne le croix pas avec l'orange! mais il est tellement joli et vif que il me plait beaucoup. Et puis  il y a une formule magnifique, tres facile a utiliser.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to: Smooth Glitter Manicure (finally...)

Good afternoon. I want to share with you how to obtain a glass like finish on your glitter manicures.
Once i was visiting and out of curiosity i read the "better than gel nails" section and thought to myself that if these sealers are meant to smooth a fake nail tip, they could be good to smooth glitters too.
I got the sealers and put them as indicated by the brand: after my manicure was done, i applied the base sealer and then the top sealer.
OMG! it works, and with a very, very good result. Those top coat- sucker polishes have to surrender against this combo.
For the purpose of this post, pictures were taken about 15 hours after application, and as you can see the surface of the nail is smooth and shiny, just be carefull to spread each sealer evenly to avoid little rough spots. I've worn this combo for four days on top of very thirsty glitter polishes (Wet 'n Wild coloricon polishes) and the surface is still smooth, you can just refresh the glossy finish with your regular top coat.
You can apply Seche Vite right after the top sealer to speed up the drying process or you can leave it as is, either way you'll obtain a smooth, glass like glitter manicure. (These pictures are without any fast drying top coat on top of the sealers).