Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiramisu' And Nails!

Hello. I need to find a way to post regularly but not spending too much time with it yet being efficient...
Ok, let me show how i make a scrumptious italian dessert: Tiramisu' and show you the state of my nails after 4 hours hard core house cleaning.
First Tiramisu' made with a technique to pasteurise the eggs, since they are going to be consumed raw, it really makes me cringe, but i found this way very helpful to avoid eating them totally raw.

1) Prepare a coffee (strong or light, is up to you), sugar is optional ( i do) , and pour in it Marsala liquor (quantity to your taste). Marsala substitutes: rum,spirit of your choice or nothing. The original recipe is with Marsala.

2) I use three eggs, divide them in whites and yolks. Whisk the eggs to a very hard consistence, and whisk the yolks with 100 g sugar till a foamy, creamy consistence.

3) Put 50 g sugar in a little casserole with a bit of water, on medium flame, heat until the syrup is still clear and bubbling with big bubbles. While whisking the whites add half of the syrup to the meringue and reform the hard meringue. And add the rest of the syrup to the yolks always mixing. (if the syrup hardens in the mixture, don't worry it will dissolve again).

4) Incorporate 350 g of  Mascarpone to the yolks and mix.

5) Add the meringue to the mascarpone mixture and mix gently. (Check sweetness level).

6) Wet the savoiardo in the coffee and cover the bottom of a pan with them. The more you wet the biscuit the more soft it will become.

7) Level the cream on top of the biscuits and sprinkle bitter cocoa. You can make levels with savoiardo and the cream, you decide. The original recipe is just one level.

My nails were 2,3 cm... a week ago i cleaned every corner of the living room and the whole fridge an freezer that was literally, totally freezed. I broke every nail and now just patience... i feel that my hands are sooo weightless!