Friday, September 7, 2012

Super Cuticle Butter

Almost mids of September, my favorite season is approaching with its chilly but not to inclement weather...but also my dry skin will be more suffering.
I create most of my skin care products, and taken inspiration from some cuticle butters out there i created mine. I want to take the habit to apply it every night on fingers and toes.
I ordered lemon essential oil and lemon-meringue cosmetic fragrance 'cause i didn't have them.
But the rest was (is) all in my little chemistry corner.
The butter is made with valuable organic oils: Argan, Olive, Avocado,Yellow lemon...
And amazing organic butters: Cupuaçu, Karite, Murumuru,Pistacchio, Cocconut ...
Some actives and a nice bit of lemon-meringue fragrance.
I left little chunks of butter, because i think it adds value to the rustic, from scratch crafting.

Well already done hand scrub, cuticle butter, what's next...Hand cream!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alessandro-Hidden Treasure

Super dark inky blue with gold and green sparkles. Fluid formula, one coater, i loooove it.

Fuerteazul muy obscuro con brillantes dorados y verdes. Aplicacion fluida y muy buena cobertura. Me encanta.

紺青黄緑   ぐりた .

Blu scurissimo con tanti brillantini dorati e verdi. Facile stesura.

Un bleu marine très foncé avec du paillettes or et verts. Application facile.