Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essence-Love,Peace And Purple

I've been sick lately, and this is the polish i've been wearing for almost 9 days.
I want to improve and post more often but i just couldn't get close to acetone and polish these days...neither Ruby Pumps has got this amout of wearing in a single pose.
Anyway, this polish is part of Essence's LE "You Rock", i guess is a Paradoxal clone, eventhough i don't have the coveted Chanel, it seems like so.
The formula is thick and the small brush doesn't get along with my long nails; i would really love mixing balls inside the polish even if that means cost raised by 1 cent.


  1. how pretty! there are now so many chanel paradoxal dupes out there! why buy the super expensive one when there are so many other options out there haha

  2. Hello! In this collection, also, there is one polish that could be a "Nouvelle Vague" clone too.
    Since i like so much pastel aqua/blue i took a backup too.