Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Red Lipstick Arsenal.

Hello to everyone. Today i present my red lipsticks. I love red lips and red nails. I have 36 red lipsticks and probably don't need more, i hope not but who knows?
They range from very cheap to high end brands, but honestly...sometimes i kinda regret expending good money for some of them when the cheapest ones are sooo good quality, but i'm happy to have them all, because it's undeniable that the most expensive ones, have that kick that worth.
More below swatches descriptions.

Hola. Aqui estan todos mis labiales rojos, me encantan los labios super rojos. Tengo desde muy baratos hasta mas costosos. Por razones de espacio escribo las descripciones en ingles, pero las marcas "Jordana" y "Nyx" las pueden conseguir en

わたし は  赤 い リップ スティックが  とても すきです。36 リップ スティック が あります。
Chanel ゛ドーラゴン ゛ が いちばん いいです。゛Jordana゛と ゛Nyx ゛は を うります。

Ciao. Ecco qua tutti i miei rossetti rossi. Ho un debole per le labbra rosse. Spaziano dai piu costosi ai piu economici. Per motivi di spazio le descrizioni degli swatch sono in inglese, ma le marche "Jordana" e "Nyx" potete acquistarle da

First row, from left:

Chanel "Dragon": One of the most beautiful reds ever, more on this later.
Nyx "Extreme red": blue based red with faint shimmer and semi glossy texture. Excellent pigmentation.
Jordana "Matte rouge": truly matte and not drying. Blue based red, is vibrant with great color payoff and is long lasting too, for way less than two dollars!
Jordana "Cherry": also blue based, a delicate red, for when you don't want bunch of color.
Manic Panic "Blood red": Love this, of course blue based, very rich in color.
Maybelline 547: I think names change between the ones selled in different countries, here in Switzerland is called " Pleasure me red". Similar to "Dragon" in hue, but the vibrancy and pigmentation are inferior.
Nyx "Chic red": Another sweet, toned down blue red. In fact very chic, for a "bon ton" look.
Nyx "Cherry": Shiny, juicy red, the color saturation is a little translucent due to its glossiness. Did i forget to say is cool toned?.

Second row, from Left: 

Nyx "Revamped": Vavaboom red!, the swatch doesn't do it justice, is one of my favorites, you can detect the orange tones in it, but the warm and cool tones are so well balanced making it an extraordinary neutral red with an impact that is beyond gorgeous! Somebody could say it's garish or too loud, but i love it!!
Manic Panic" Vampire red": deep red, bloody looking.
Milani "Hot flash": shimmery red with a glossy texture too.
Nyx Jumbo lip pencil "Plush red": super cool toned red, with crazy pigmentation.
Nyx Jumbo lip pencil "Hot red": in fact is hot, a neutral red.
Sephora "Fancy red": another shimmery red in big pencil lip form.
Nyx Jumbo lip pencil"Deep red": is a darker red, it may have a brick touch.
Plus color riche "68": a brand i found in my country and i got this juicy red, very neutral.
Nyx "Snow white": a blue based deep red, very pigmented.
Milani " Royal ruby": a fuchsia red, with great color payoff.
 Illamasqua "Sangers": they say is a blood red, definitely is somehow bloody but i think "Snow white" and "Vampire red" are more.
Maybelline "625":  my mom gave this to me as a present and she bought it in our country that has the same american names, in this case " are you red-dy?".

Third row, from left: 

Illamasqua "Box": Get out of the box with this amazing blue red! love it, is so long lasting and "in your face". 
L'oreal 297: Once again the name thing, here is called "Red passion", BUT i have to say that also the price changes a lot from country to country! i paid 27 swiss francs (32 us dollars) for this, wich is also the worst in terms of staying power: less than one hour.
Nyx "Electra": is not my cup of tea, because it has too much brick tones for my skin.
MUFE 43 "Moulin rouge": OMG! the best neutral red i have, pigmentation is top notch.
Manic Panic " Marilyn": is too warm, but since i got it online didn't know, but since is called just as her, and i like her so much, i still use it to brighten other dark reds. 
Jordana "Garnet": again, for less than 2 dollars you get this beautiful deep red, totally blue based, with A++ pigmentation and staying power.
Jordana "Eggplant": a deep red with purple tones. Same nice value.
Jordana "Matte scarlet": bright, opaque red. Again,  fantastic value for your money.
Jordana "Burnt sugar": despite the name, this is a burgundy, wine red. I freaking like this, even more with a wine or black lip gloss on top.

Fourth row, from left: 

Jordana "Radiant red": is a softer red, within neutral realm.
Milani "Berry rich": it is for sure rich. Another wine red, glides on effortlessly, luscious and with complete coverage.
Jordana " Matte red": neutral, matte red.
Rimmel "500": Here is called " diva's red". Great cool toned red, creamy, pigmented.
Catrice " Luxury red": rich and vibrant red, more on the neutral side, with glossy finish yet with a lot of pigment.
Nyx " Hero": One of my top 5!, Blue based dark red, wich is dark but keeps its glow, vibrancy, i don't know, is dark but so, so red.
Nyx "Chaos": This is the bluest a red can be, i believe. Picture does not show all its beauty. Is soooo cool toned, sooo glowy. I'm in love with this red, could never be without.

And my favourite deserves a lip swatch: Chanel "Dragon".
It's not my number one, because is a Chanel, simply because, besides being an amazing cool toned red, is super long lasting, more than any other lipstick i have. I wear it for almost 9 hours before a heavy touch up.
I did my best to get a nice color picture, but i couldn't. IRL is deeper, darker, but glowy as red traffic light. 


  1. nice collection of reds, i think i really own like one or two true reds in my collection

  2. Thanks. Neutral and blue based reds are the only ones i can pull off. Especially the blue ones.

  3. I own "Chaos" and "Cherry" by NYX. Both of these colors are gorgeous!! The best.

  4. You have a very impressive collection of red lip colors by the way. :-)

  5. NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red is one of my favorite reds!