Friday, June 3, 2011

L.A Girl Glitter Addict Skittle Swatches.

Good morning. I bought these new L.A Girl polishes at
They're a clear base packed with glitter of two sizes. The brand describes them as "jewelry for your nails", as you can see even though the glitter is very abundant, is sparse enough to let your base polish color to show through.
I got four out of  sixteen options: Euphoria: light purple with prismatic hex glitter. Eutopia: royal purple with purple hex glitter. Animate: red glitter with red hex glitter and Uninhibited: all black.
My finished manicure is one coat of Uninhibited over a ridge filler base coat. It looks like lace to me, will try this black over white, red and a neon.
Also with my order i bought some more Nyx and Jordana red lipsticks that i wanted: all amazing!
I'll post very soon swatches of all red lipsticks that i have, over 30, may be you're looking for a nice red and this could be helpful.


  1. You have more self control than me! I bought 15, only because 1 was out of stock :P

  2. Well, i didn't get some more because my budget was low...i still want some more hehehe.