Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Winner

Congrats to lilbitssofeverything@gmail.com.
Thanks to all of you for joining the little contest.
Be sure that in a near future more is coming... i kinda have an idea for another one any time soon.

Winner picked thanks to Random.org.


  1. hi
    nice blog!
    maybe you'll pass by mine and follow it too?


  2. Thanks! this is the right wait to ask, so polite! i received an unpolite request to follow a blog and i didn't like it.

  3. Congratulations to the winner!

    Actually it's considered rude to go to someone else's blog and advertise your own in the comments. It's better to email the owner and ask. Or just visit and make good comments, be interesting, and eventually the blog owner will click on your name and go to your blog that way.

    It's even called "blog spam" when people go to other's blogs and leave links to theirs in the comments. Many new bloggers make this mistake though, they mean well and are just excited to be blogging.

  4. Oh, that's something i should consider...
    i think she is polite, because she asked "may you"
    instead i received "if you follow i follow", and to me that's rude.
    many thanks, i will avoid/won't do blog spam.

  5. I think she was polite too. She is a new blogger, she has many posts on her blog but has only been blogging a few months. I think she has been given a bad example by others who do this and she thought she was doing the right thing.

    Another bad one is when they come to a blog and write, "Good post" or some other little throwaway comment and then leave their blog address. You know they didn't even read your post and are only advertising their blog.

    I think you have to use your own judgment too. If someone comments here often and then later starts a blog, she will think of you as a friend and want you to see her blog. When it's like that, of it isn't spam. It's more rude and unwelcome when it's a 'driveby', a stranger leaving their blog address and never commenting before... or after.