Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smooth and Simple

L.A Girl "Rockstar"+OPI "Show it 'n Glow it".

Good Morning! Today i would like to write a little about something many of us strive to achieve: smooth hands.

I know you probably have your own routine, i do have my own, but i didn't arrive to it very easily. As many girls out there i cutted my cuticles, because that's the way is done in my country too (i'm not brazilian), but not always what we've been taught, is the correct way.
Thanks to blogging i learnt is best to push cuticles rather than cutting them.
Since i started doing so i see a great improvement in the overall appereance of my manicure and my nails too look neater.
But my main concern is to keep my hands smooth. Where i live winter is bad, very bad to my skin, while when i'm in my country, my skin glows and keeps moisturized even if i don't do any special treat.

I tried some overnight masks, oiling cuticles daily, and looking on the web for good hands care.
Honestly, i gave up. I have to much to do during the day to be so concern about oiling and rubbing and applying.
So now i stick to the basic ingredient: Simplicity.
So it is, i want smooth hands but with the simple way, what my dry skin wants is moisture and a nice exfoliator from time to time.
I did myself an all natural cream, mixing an organic oil suitable to my skin type into a light organic lotion and i pumped up the whole by adding Q10 and silk proteins. This is my moisturizer for hands and cuticles. Once per week i remove dead cells with a buttery exfoliator.

That's all and it works smooth and simple.


  1. I like your idea. I'd be interested to know where you got the ingredients for your moisturizer and what buttery exfoliator you use?
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Good morning. Since i live in Switzerland i buy my organic ingredients from a French site, they offer international shipping but is expensive if you live outside Europe, but another place i reccomend is Garden of Wisdom, is in the USA and they have TONS of all natural, certified ingredients, including base lotions to mix in your actives.
    The buttery exfoliator i bought it already made, but is easy to do a similar one: organic butter, finelly milled olive seeds and a natural hydrosol.
    keep in mind your skin type and needs when choosing your oils and actives.