Friday, December 24, 2010

Hard Jelly- My Favorite!

Good evening! this post is about my favorite nail polish finish: Hard Jelly.

An oxymore i choosed to describe myself polishes that have the characteristic i love the most in polish besides color, obvious...

A hard jelly to me is the polish that whereas having a BOLD color payoff, has a translucency to it, a glossy finish and a gooey texture.

I loooooove this finish, is my favorite of all, the second one is the "Sparkle", hello Zoya.
Examples of hard jellies are: Essence "The world's coolest" (shown above), Essence "Fatal", Essie "Bordeaux", Essie "Limited Adiction", Catrice Glamourama "Glamourista", Zoya "Stacy", NFU OH "569", Miss Marion "Royal Red".

I don't consider Opi "Vodka and Caviar" as a hard jelly, because it doesn't have a bold color payoff, and odd enough my favorite polish to date (maybe forever, who knows?) is not a hard jelly: China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"; it is a glitter finish not even the "sparkle" one.

I'm waiting for my minis from "The winter collection" by Essie, i think some of them are hard jellies too, it seems that in my stash Essie is the queen of hard jellies.

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