Monday, May 30, 2011

My Polish Arsenal

Here they are!, all the polishes i currently own and wear, of course.
I don't know the quantity, but never mind about it because the total keeps on increasing constantly (there are ten coming to me this week, i hope).
I think the predominant color is red, wouldn't be a surprise due to how much i like red, but i think that purple, if is not the most abundant one, is pretty close to be.
What i know for sure is that i only have two taupes and one yellow (neon, of course) and one orange (neon too). But i will provide to this lacking, i might be willing to buy another taupe and gotta find out if there is a yellow that compliments cool skin tones and the brightest neon orange, i believe is the only way for me to wear orange.
I'm getting interested in peach colors and soft corals ala Essie Van Dgo, it will be part of my arsenal soon.