Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Polish Related...

Good morning. While i was sick i had very little hungriness. While yesterday i had a big sweet craving.
I wanted something sweet, voluptuous, creamy, crunchy, in short terms: contrasting textures when chewing.
I wanted a crumble, a strawberry crumble, but there wasn't anything to do it but flour and butter.
Then i remembered the bar of extra dark, unsweetened chocolate in my cupboard, the nuts, the sugar and i made some brownies.
These are so easy to do, i don't add baking powder and i always lower the quantity of flour, because i love my brownies to be extra buttery, extra creamy in the inside.
Since Supermarkets have plenty of strawberries these days, i need to go, pick some and prepare a melt in mouth/crispy crumble.
I know this blog is about nail polish, but we all have different interests besides polishing nails. I love cooking, learn about the Universe,decorate with Swarovsky flatbacks ( a very expensive hobby, sadly) among others, so from time to time i'll be posting this kind of not polish related parenthesis.


  1. Preciosas uñas y enhorabuena por el blog!!

    Te envidio por tenerlas tan largas jeje.


  2. Muchisimas gracias!, estoy dejando que crezcan un poquito mas, porque aun no estan en el punto que me gusta.
    Hechare un vistazo en tu blog, es bueno encontrar blogs en tu propia lengua.