Friday, May 6, 2011

Essie- Silken Cord

To me this is a coral, with a nice balance of both warm and cool tones. Excellent formula with extreme glossiness. Great for summer even if it belongs to a winter collection.

A mis ojos resulta color coral. Buen equilibrio entre tonos calidos y frios. Buena formula y gran brillo.

 あかるい あか ですね。 とても  シャイニー  です。

Secondo me é un color corallo. Ben billanciato nei toni caldi e freddi. Stesura fantastica ed una brillantezza suprema.


  1. That's a lovely colour. I'm not usually partial to corals, but this one is one I'd wear.

  2. Me neither!, but this one i really like. It has great pigmentation, not too warm. I would never bought it by itself, but it's the mini size that came along with "Going Incognito" and i gave it a try, glad i did.