Friday, September 17, 2010

Orly-Space Cadet

Very duochrome-y, shifting to various hues of pink and green, sometimes purple and copper.
4 coats for me are the best because is a bit sheer.

Orly "スパス カーデット"、この マニキュア は おもしろい です。 ときどき ピンクが みどり です。

Un pedazo de Universo en mis uñas! este esmalte es una explosion de verde y rosado, con toques de morado y bronze. 4 capas aqui.

Molto iridiscente, mostra diversi colori, come potete aprezzare. E poi é di una collezione inspirata dall'universo! come non amarlo!

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  1. Don't have anything like this nail polish here in Brazil. The effect is beautiful!

  2. It never occurred to me to compare it to the nebula. Perfect comparison. =D

  3. Thanks, i love the Universe so much, so much love i cannot express it with words.